What is a #MicroCredit?

Normally, a 1 hour course is equal to 1 credit. The problem with this concept is that if you watch 5 minutes or 10 minutes of a course and leave, you don't get any credit for your time. A #MicroCredit is a way for you to earn fractional credits for your valuable time.

So for example, if you watch something for 6 minutes, you will bank 0.1 Credit on Edropin.

Exporting Certificates

In order to meet licensing criteria, you can export CE Certificates from Edropin from your Credit Bank.

When you are ready to export, simply visit your Credit Bank and tell us how many CE you would like to export. You can export a whole number of credits (e.g. 1, 3, 5) from this bank anytime. We create certificates for various licensing bodies such as AGD PACE, RCDSO and more. Also, Edropin can assist you with your certificate submission process.