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Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction (LL8) by Specialist Oral Surgeon

About Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction (LL8) by Specialist Oral Surgeon

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery · Self-Learning

Reviewed: 05/24/2021 · Valid until 05/24/2024

Surgeon: Dr. Abdul Dalghous. This videos is a detailed tutorial on how to extract partially impacted wisdom teeth with Dr. Dalghous. Every step is thoroughly explained and this videos should be watched by anyone who is interested in oral surgery and wants to be able to complete impacted extractions predictably!

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Dr. Abdul Dalghous

Abdul is the owner of Yorkshire Dental Suite. In partnership with his wife and two of his sons, Abdul has spent almost two years turning what was a well known Doctor’s surgery into the outstanding premises that now houses Yorkshire Dental Suite.

As a highly experienced specialist Oral Surgeon, Abdul has spent the last 13 years working in the Mid-Yorkshire hospitals Maxillofacial department.

Over the years he has provided treatment for thousands of patients suffering from a variety of complex facial traumas and has also provided a variety of different surgical procedures including wisdom tooth removal and facial reconstructive surgery.

Alongside his hospital work, Abdul has spent the last 15 years providing Oral Surgery clinics throughout the Yorkshire area for Leeds NHS England and the Leeds Dental Institute. And, as if this doesn’t keep Abdul busy enough, he has also participated in and contributed towards numerous dental and medical publications and research projects.

As the educational supervisor for the Maxillofacial surgery department Abdul is heavily involved in the teaching and training of many clinicians, not only in oral surgery but also in implant placement techniques and he continues to share his expertise through the courses he runs here at the Yorkshire Dental Suite Training Academy.

As part of his passion for teaching Abdul is also an examiner for the prestigious MJDF examinations administered by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, MFDS, MOMS, ORE and LDS administered by the General Dental Council. Abdul provides tuition for the RCS England Certificate in Minor Oral Surgery and he is also a visiting Professor to Libya where he examines and teaches at various dental schools. Abdul also performs various Maxillofacial surgical operations for charity during these visits.

Abdul has also placed many dental implants over the years giving many patients the smile they have longed for. Abdul is well versed in the use of the most widely recognised dental implant systems and continues to support and teach other clinicians who are developing a special interest in implant placement. Of course his surgical expertise also make him the ideal person to place implants and he is always happy to see patients for a consultation to discuss appropriate options.

Abdul understands only too well that patients can be worried about coming to see the Dentist. A bad experience can stay with someone for the rest of their life and can make future treatment a very stressful experience, which is why in 2006 Abdul decided to undertake a Diploma in Conscious Dental Sedation at University of Newcastle.

Here at Yorkshire Dental Suite we have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, giving our patients the best dental experience they have ever had. Coupled with this, Abdul’s in-depth experience of providing sedation means that you can undergo your treatment whilst feeling as relaxed as possible, a great option for those of you that are phobic or find undergoing treatment difficult.

Abdul provides a range of procedures here at Yorkshire Dental Suite including wisdom tooth removal, complex surgical extractions, bone grafts, implants and facial aesthetics. He also accepts referrals for all aspects of Oral Surgery and implants from General Dental Practices in and around Yorkshire.

Out of work Abdul enjoys working out at the gym and spending time with his family, he has four sons, Hassan and Hussein, who are following in his footsteps, training to be Dentists in Valencia and Mohammed and Ali who are studying hard at school.


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